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Mitzie Whitener (she/her)

“The Office Auntie”

Mitzie brings over 30 years of expertise of managing dynamic and resourceful teams for tribes with a special expertise in technology. She directed Squaxin Island Tribe’s Information Services Department for over 20 years. The Whitener Group is now lucky enough to have her join us as our Corporate Systems Officer (CSO) and lead the newly created service division, the Native Nerd Network. 

Programs she has managed range from 1:1 community technology support for elders to the early acquisition of Broadband for the tribal community through innovative partnerships with local technology providers. Mitzie cares most about where and how technology meets people. Her degree is in Computer Science from Evergreen State College. 

In her free time, Mitzie can be found mixing teas, goofing around with her son, pursuing her interest in massage therapy, and serving as the office aunt and life coach.

Mitzie Whitener (she/her)
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