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About Us

Your Success, Close at Hand

The Whitener Group is a native-owned consulting group dedicated to the advancement and sustainability of tribes. At our root, we are a group of Whiteners along with a bunch of other industry experts that are confident enough to want to work with a group of Whiteners.  


As you might gather from our tone, although we take our work very seriously, we work hard to not take ourselves too seriously.

Our Story

We have been around as a company since 2009, but the owners (a couple of whom even classify as elders!) have been working for and with tribes across the country for the entirety of their careers. TWG’s core business activities are individual contracts with tribes, tribally owned businesses, tribal organizations, and nonprofits.

We are from Indian Country, so we know Indian Country. If you are a tribe or native-led organization, well, what we bring is that you don't have to spend a bunch of time educating us on the whats, whos, hows, and whys of tribes. If you are trying to engage with tribes and want to do better, we can help with that too. 


Our clients are tribes, tribally owned businesses, tribal organizations, federal & state governments, and nonprofits. 

Meet the Owners

TWG was incorporated by brothers Bob and Ron Whitener in 2009. Jennifer Whitener Ulrich, the daughter of Bob, was later added as an owner in the firm. Bob, Ron, and Jenn have each been integral in the foundations and development of TWG since its inception.

Meet The First String

Bob Whitener (he/him)

“The MPA”

Jennifer Whitener Ulrich (she/her)

“The MBA”

Monica Williamson (she/her)

“The Artist”

Joshua Whitener (he/him)

“The Tech & Data Guy”

Kate Fort (she/her)

“The Professor”

Ron Whitener (he/him)

“The JD”

Cameron Goodwin (he/him)

“The Tribal Biz Guy”

Mitzie Whitener (she/her)

“The Office Auntie”

Addie Smith (she/her)

“The Double Threat”

Our Core Areas of Work

We like to talk about our work in four core areas: economy & governance, court & justice, training & facilitation and tech & communication.

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Let's Work Together

We're hiring a full-time Operations & Systems Manager in Olympia, WA

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