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The Whitener Group


The Whitener Group is an Indian-owned consulting group dedicated to the advancement and sustainability of Indian tribes.

Native Nerd Network

Washington State

The digital literacy program to increase the opportunities for more awesome Native Tik-Tok videos and media made by our native communities.

Plus, a Workforce Development program to train office workers and native entrepreneurs on modern software technologies including cloud computing, Microsoft 365, Google, etc.


In addition to digital equity services, the Native Nerd Network is working on a program that will involve software development for rural tribal governments to be able to track and utilize data more effectively.

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Connect to Services

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Another Service Type

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Digital Navigation Services

Showing you the ins and outs of a little thing we call the internet

Digital Literacy Training

You know, reading computers

Digital Equity

Getting you connected to the internet, both with technical expertise and program knowledge to potentially get you cheaper/free internet

Workforce Development Training

Stuff like how to create documents in Microsoft Office and share/collaborate with other people

Acquiring Devices

We don’t have devices to give out, BUT we may be able to connect you with people that do or at least give you an idea of what to get

Maintaining Devices or Software

We can help you with your current stuff, either fix it ourselves with you or point you in the right direction

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Let's Work Together

We're hiring a full-time Operations & Systems Manager in Olympia, WA


Meet The Team

Don Francis

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Founder & CEO

Tess Brown

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Office Manager

Kevin Nye

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HR Lead

Ashley Jones

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Tech Lead

Lisa Rose

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Product Manager

Alex Young

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