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Indian Country 101


Objectives & Lessons

Lesson outline with an overview of learning objectives 

Quick Reference Guide

featuring definitions plus some engagement tips, things not to say, and commentary 

this is a temporary Google Sheet while we complete the final, pretty graphic reference guide

SAMHSA Culture Card PDF

referenced often throughout the training

In the News: HuffPost

The Collective Conservation of Indigenous Land Is Everyone's Responsibility

Press Pack: Social Media for IC101

Multi-page document with ready-to-post graphics and captions

 A big thank you to Jessie Israel! 

Director, Puget Sound Conservation

Washington Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

Jessie, you are the all-star project manager. Your 3-year commitment and dedication will never go unnoticed at TWG. You let Jennifer wrestle with everything from content to the program it was built in. You believed so much in these lessons and that in the end they would be better for the time you granted Jennifer to spend on them. You accidentally saw some of the extra snark Jennifer was adding and (turns out) you liked that snark! Jessie, you encouraged Jennifer to leave her voice in the content. If not for that belief in “the Jennifer snark”, these lessons would have looked very differently. We appreciate all of Jessie’s work around this very creative and iterative process we had developing these courses.

Jessie Isreal

Thank you to all the other folks who helped in the development of this training:

This project wove together the wisdom and insight of many. Helping hands included Betsy Moyer, Monica Williamson, Ron Whitener, Bob Whitener, Josh Whitener, Kiana Arnall, Mitzie Whitener, Addie Smith, Emily Heber, Mike Ulrich, Bella Ulrich, & Carolynn Ulrich. 

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